so.. what are they saying about sopilates?

Pilates Intensive Comments:

I feel fantastic, more energised and toned than I have done for many years, especially since having children. That is in spite of the early morning starts which I actually enjoyed as the weather was great Thank you Sophy- I really enjoyed it and just want more!!!!

I felt really good mentally and physically all day after the class. After the first two days I felt quite stiff but I really enjoyed working through that and certainly felt far more energised. I didn't want to stop after the five days and felt it had been a 'taster' as I had got through the initial pain barrier and so was left wanting more.

I did feel that you picked up the pace as the week progressed - but always with a safety net! Thank you!

After five days I felt well toned, well stretched out, centred and aligned - despite doing it with a stinking cold. Helped me mentally too: I felt calmer, very conscious of being in my body, not rushing, more steady - Really Great. Good for me. I liked the progression from class to class and the variety of exercises with focus on different areas.

All wonderful - and I love your style of teaching. In particular I really appreciate your use of imagery: just talking about 'sliding shoulder blades down the back' has completely transformed my 'use' of my shoulders and I now get 90% less shoulder tension/pain during the day (normally by the end of the day my left shoulder is especially burning). So instead of rolling my shoulders round and round I now consciously do lots of sliding down. Works for me! Thankyou - a real break through for me.

Felt fabulous, really energised, a lot of old aches and pains had gone I came to 7.15 - loved it because I started my day feeling great and relaxed, and it was not a problem fitting it in because I dont normally get up till 8

Pilates Breaks Comments:

"Thank you Sophy, I very much enjoyed your classes, they were excellent, and the group were friendly and interesting. Holistic atmosphere helpful".
" Fantastic location ­ would come definitely again, extremely relaxing."
" I think your teaching & relaxed approach was wonderful ­ thanks very much I hope to come again"
" Great early morning classes set me up for the day and I enjoyed doing classes late at night too, with relaxation. It made for long days to fill as you pleased "
" The weekend was great because I needed some relaxation/book reading time and there was plenty of opportunity for this. I enjoyed having at least two classes a day."
" The area is beautiful , the weekend fantastic "

Would you recommend this weekend to others?

"Yes as it is restorative and peaceful"
"Yes its good to be away from the hustle for a few days & completely unwind"
"Yes, because its a really good way to escape from łnormal˛ life, put things in perspective, feel positive, healthy, relaxed, inspired by others in the group"
Yes I would definitely bring friends back here for Pilates with Sophy Yes, for people who want a relaxing weekend but with the opportunity for exercise & self-development its perfect."

How were the workshops/classes?

" Perfect amount of classes in a good room and a variety of movements some new as well, very informative, lots of effort had been put into them and there are moves from the workshop I am going to use in everyday life"
" Just the right amount of lessons, really enjoyed the flow workshop, meditation session was great ­ make it a regular part of the weekend if you can"
" Fantastic. I would have been happy to do 3 classes a day like we did on Saturday. The lessons became more challenging which was great as I feel weekend trips like this should definitely gear a person to improve considerably their understanding. The workshops a definite bonus to the trip, especially the flow and the meditating."

Pilates Flow Comments

"It was great to feel the continuous movement of the exercises. It was just the right speed, although one or two were a little fast after 5 years..."

" I liked the flowing pace, the presentation of the exercises seemed just right. You seemed to fit a lot in"

Relaxation Class Comments

"Amazing, my Pilates teacher, did a very similar relaxation, but not as long. It was wonderful."

" Really nice. More relaxed than being asleep. Got more comfortable as time went on. The floor seemed to get softer"

Comments on Pilates days

“Thanks so much for Saturday - I slept like a log that night - I can't remember the last time I've been so relaxed in my body and managed to switch my head off!”

“It was incredibly beneficial to work on what I've been doing in weekly sessions in more detail and to understand more fully how it should be working and allowing myself the time to feel the difference. Obviously the deeper work on the shoulders and back was great - it moved on my practice as well and it was good to see where I should be heading with certain exercises. “

“I think the fact that the day went so fast is a testament to how good the workshop was, as a teacher you create a very gentle safe atmosphere in which it's possible to change one's perceptions about what an exercise discipline could be - a very personal journey to mobility and understanding your body and what it can do - rather than something competitive.”

“The food was superb, and perfect type and quantity, and the meal provided some relaxed social time.”

“What I most enjoyed about your teaching is that - I don't know how you do it - you seem to teach quite fast - and yet within that there is the space of the breath to really focus on oneself. I am amazed at how you can offer such a balance between 'oiling the body' and bringing it into consciousness.“

“I enjoyed it and thought you were a super teacher. You explained things so well I didn't have to look at what you were doing!”

“Many thanks for conducting the wonderful Pilates workshop. It has certainly heightened my understanding of the work.  If you do intend to conduct any further workshop or class in Guildford, do let me know, as I would love to attend.”

“I really loved it. If you were to make a DVD of that class I would be the first to buy it!”

“The content covered what had we asked for and worked on a balanced range of areas - and the relaxation at the end was so restoring!”

“Just to say thanks for the Pilates Day. I really enjoyed myself and found it very rewarding. I hope you'll do another one later in the year, as I'd definitely be interested in taking part again.”

General client comments

“Pilates has relieved persistent small back aches, helped to make me more toned and lithe and, after an hour's session with Sophy Griffiths leaves one feeling terrific.”

The bottom line for me (reasonably fit middle-aged woman) is that although the processes remain a little mysterious; my body is more supple and robust when I practise Pilates.”

“Sophy's teaching style is very gentle, and she is acutely sensitive to individual needs. So the experience is really therapeutic. Warmly recommended to anyone who would like to improve the way they inhabit their body."

“Sophy's Pilates classes offer an excellent introduction for beginners, teaching you the basics of Pilates and focusing on breathing and individual muscle groups. For our group of four gathering in the boardroom at work, each one-hour session was a wonderfully soothing interlude in an otherwise frantic day and the benefits (improved posture and muscle tone, an overall feeling of serenity) were almost immediate.”