so.. what kind of classes?

Sophy enjoys a variety and her teaching reflects this, engaging in many different ways of teaching, the level ranges from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Sophy always ascertains clients specific health conditions and needs to ensure the classes are safe, unique and more individually beneficial.

Variety of classes:

  • Classes in gyms, health clubs and yoga studios (see where are the classes).
  • Small intimate classes of four either at her own Transverse studio or at client’s homes.
  • Private one-to-ones at the studio or at client’s homes.
  • Offices e.g. small classes at the Telegraph Group Ltd.
  • Antenatal and postnatal classes creating a nurturing environment with tea and a chat after.
    For more information click here.
  • Remedial and rehabilitation work, either following an injury or as prevention. Sophy often has referrals from physiotherapists, osteopaths, G.P’s and consultants of clients needing this attention.
  • Breathing and relaxation classes – these arose from the observation of peoples’ difficulty in mastering the breathing in Pilates classes, and as an aid to reduce stress. (see more about breathing and relaxation).
  • Pilates one day workshops – four hours of Pilates exercises, focusing on breathing, pelvic floor (see* page), stretching and deep relaxation plus a light vegetarian lunch. It’s a chance to deepen your understanding, more time for beginners to assimilate the exercises, address particular problem areas and ask questions you might not get round to in a weekly class.
  • Pilates Intensives: Take five one hour classes on consecutive mornings and feel the difference! The classes build and progress. It is a great way to bump-start your home practice. Unless we go on a Pilates break we often do not get the chance for such continuous work on our bodies. (see details of classes here)
  • Pilates holidays in Britain and abroad – an opportunity to learn a new discipline or deepen your Pilates practice in an idyllic and tranquil setting (see what about a break)
  • Create your own class – clients are often inspired to gather a few friends to create their own class or workshop, either at the studio or elsewhere.