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Sophy Griffiths began practising Pilates when she was training to be a trapeze artist in 1990. In 1993 with Isabel Rocamora, she co-founded the acclaimed aerial-dance company Momentary Fusion As co-artistic director she created and performed innovative site-specific and theatrical pieces which explored the dynamics of the relationship between architecture and the human form. Drawing on a fusion of their backgrounds in aerial, circus, dance, Iyengar Yoga, climbing, physical and classical theatre and film, and often collaborating with other artists working with sound and light, the duo worked to attain that which seemed impossible – the body’s subversion of gravity. The company performed on film and TV and toured extensively all over the world from the Tate Modern to Europe to the Americas and beyond.

In 2001 Sophy trained to be a Pilates instructor with the Pilatesfoundation UK and on achieving accredited matwork member status has been teaching ever since. As well as regular Pilates workshops she continues her personal development finishing her British Wheel of Yoga BWY Foundation course level one (2006), BWY Meditation Module (2009) and is currently starting her Pilates equipment course (2010) with Susanne Scott . Having built a loyal client base running classes at health clubs across London most notably Sunstone Women’s gym and Yogahome in Stoke Newington and Sequin park and Holmes Place in North London, she now prefers to teach one-one or smaller private classes. She opened her own Transverse Studio in November 2003, created as an intimate space for four, and also currently teaches in London at the Telegraph Group Ltd. She teaches matwork Pilates, with the use of small hand-held weights, bands or inflatable balls for variation, to beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Sophy’s experience and training includes antenatal and postnatal as well as remedial Pilates and the creation of her Breathing and relaxation classes arose from her experience of meditation, which she began practising in 1998.
Whilst teaching Pilates she observed how constrictive breathing patterns can inhibit our movement, increasing stress – and she decided to develop classes that directly addressed the problem.
Recognising a need for the possibility of escaping from the mental and physical stress of modern life, and a chance for clients to deepen their practise, she also runs Pilates holidays in idyllic locations abroad and in Britain. (what about a break)

The core fundamentals of the Pilates Method are based upon a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the human body and relies, like her former artistic discipline, on the observance of detail and appreciation that everyone is unique. Sophy is able to draw on this experience to identify the individual needs of each client and to create comprehensive and balanced classes for a wide range of students. She creates a relaxed atmosphere where it’s possible with an imaginative and gentle approach to exercises to help students to set their own pace for achieving an improved mobility and core strength. A sense of fun coupled with visualisation allows students to gain a deeper intelligent understanding of what is happening internally, be more intuitive and to listen to their bodies.


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